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Dermapen Micro-needling in Orlando

This is one of my favorite treatments to do. It seems to be very popular these days. Most people at least know the term but may not understand the actual process therefore may have many questions. The reason it’s my favorite is because many different skin types will respond well to Micro-needling. This allows for a wide range of people that will benefit from it with less possible complications. I’ll explain the procedure, the down time (recovery time), and price points.

Dermapen is the name brand of the equipment I use for Micro-needling. I have the newest device and pride myself on delivering the best service. It’s a small handheld piece that I place a new sterile needle on the end of for each patient. I start by numbing the skin so there is little to no discomfort. Once numbing is removed I put on a serum that best suits the skin for that particular individual. It could be a lightening agent for hyperpigmentation (dark spots), a stem cell to encourage cellular reproduction, or a Hyaluronic Acid for anti-aging and hydration. Once I work it over the entire face, in sections, the skin is sensitive and has open channels. A mask and ice stick is highly recommended. A high performance mask is laid over the skin, next a small frozen handheld ice stick is used to cool and calm the skin.

Typically there is little to no down time with this treatment. For the first 24-48 hours you should expect your skin to look pink, similar to getting too much sun. Much less than other treatments, meaning you shouldn’t look as red or peel as you would from laser treatments or some chemical peels. After that you may have some dry skin that flakes off for a couple of days. This is usually only for the first and second treatment. Once your skin gets used to having Micro-needling you will experience less and less dryness. The deeper, more aggressive, the treatment you’ll see more sensitivity and redness.

One reason this is my favorite treatment is because I compare it to a laser treatment I had years ago; I see much better results with a couple of Dermapen treatments than I did with a severe resurfacing laser. Laser will burn small holes in your skin forcing your skin to heal and encourages cellular reproduction resulting in smoother fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Dermapen (Micro-needling) creates the same channels in the skin without burning it; much less damage is done to achieve similar results. Therefore there is less irritation to the skin. The price difference is significant. The type of equipment the professional uses will have a huge impact on pricing and results. A name brand, Dermapen, will cost more than someone using a knock-off micro-needling device. However, there are other quality pieces of equipment such as Vistapen; a fairly new company, that will perform as well as Dermapen. The results from a name brand verses a generic device are significant. An office using “Dr. Pen” or other copies can charge a lot less for each treatment. Just remember you get what you pay for; the results will not compare.

A quality laser treatment designed to resurface the skin will cost between $1,000-$4,000. In the Orlando Florida area you can expect to pay approximately $200-$400 for a professional Micro-needling treatment. Keep in mind each person will require different number of treatments to obtain optimal results. Even though there are spas that charge less, be careful you are choosing someone that is experienced and operates a sanitary office; very important. When shopping around to decide who to go to be sure the room is clean, as well as the utensils they use, and that they aren’t reusing needles.

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