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A very important component of a good facial is resurfacing; removing top layers of dead skin. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it at home to maintain your skin. Professional enzymes, hydroxy acids, and manual exfoliation are mostly used in facials. Enzymes eat away dead skin cells but don’t work with any live tissue. Hydroxy acid works like an enzyme but deeper. Alpha hydroxy acid breaks down the desmosomes holding the dead skin together causing exfoliation. Beta hydroxy eats away the cells like an enzyme; however it works on a deeper level. Manual exfoliation can be done with a product (a scrub) or Microdermabrasion. The scrub will never be able to reach the exfoliation level of having a microdermabrasion done.

Men's Skin Care

Men seem to be embarrassed or shy about taking care of their skin. Do you feel like people look at you as if you’re less manly? They don’t! From a female perspective, we want you to take care of yourself. There are so many small things you can do to improve your complexion so I’ll start with the cause; sun. The most important thing to prevent is sun damage. Put SPF on your face, every day. Before you drive to work, run errands, or even look out your window to see the weather…put sunscreen on. Every bit of UV rays will damage your skin and you may not see it for several years; but it continues to age your skin. This creates wrinkles and hyperpigmentation (dark spots).

Skin care routine for men

Just using a basic cleanser, exfoliator, and spf will make a huge difference. You need to cleanse away the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells off each day. If you don’t keep your skin clean, then the dirt and oil will mix with dead skin and cause clogged pores. Once the pore is impacted it will oxidize and turn black if its an open pore; and called a blackhead. You can also get milia. Milia is a comedone that doesn’t have an opening, so you can’t just extract it (squeeze it out). They look like little bumps. This has to be removed using a lancet by someone who is educated and experience. If your skin is typically very dry or very oily you’ll usually experience breakouts along with milia. Acne shouldn’t be extracted until it’s ready and close enough to the surface to allow for complete removal; and only by a professional.

Men's Skincare

By Mary Cutcher LMT, Esthetician, Bodywrapper

Men's Facial Treatment

How many men get facial treatments? The percentage is pretty low. Every male wants to look and feel young with healthy skin; however, most are reluctant to get a facial. Almost everyone at some point will look in the mirror and asks themselves “How can I change this or change that?” Whether it’s fine lines and wrinkles or d7ark spots, there’s always something you want to improve. The majority of people want smaller pores or tighter skin; all of these needs should be proactively addressed. Let’s break down the cause, solution, and prevention.

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The need for men's facial

So what stops a male from getting a facial? When I’ve asked that question some men say they don’t understand the need for it. Guys don’t typically brag to their friends if they have an appointment for a facial. Therefore they must feel compelled to control a specific problem before scheduling. This is only until they experience it once. Not only should your skin feel and look awesome, you will leave feeling like a new person and completely relaxed. I encourage more men to introduce their skin to a facial. Start taking care of your skin.

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