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Seasonal skincare

When the seasons change, so should our skin care regimen.


Summer months are warm and typically more humid; as winter months tend to be dry and cold. Throughout the summer we also are more likely to be outdoors and in the sun. This can limit the types of treatments and facials you should be getting. The most important step to skin care throughout the entire year is wearing an SPF that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Many people feel if they are only out for a short time they don’t need it. Also, many believe putting it on in the morning is sufficient for the entire day. These are a few of the misconceptions out there.

Skin changes during the year:

In the summer some people will tend to have more oil production than other months throughout the year. This is usually caused by amount of humidity in Florida. What not to do…stop using moisturizer. When you stop moisturizing it, your skin it gets dehydrated; therefore overcompensating by producing more oil. Oilier skin will tend to breakout more often, clog pores causing blackheads, whiteheads, and can cause makeup to dissipate and not last the entire day. You may try a lighter moisturizer that doesn’t feel as thick, so it penetrates the skin quicker. This is also a good time to use serums. They have a smaller molecule and most will penetrate faster and not sit on the surface of the skin. Personally I layer a serum under my moisturizer all year long.  Also, drink lots more water to stay hydrated.

Skincare products:

Skin care products should contain at least a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturizer and SPF. Summer time may call for a stronger cleanser, enzymes for exfoliation, and a matte moisturizer/SPF. Vitamin C is a wonderful serum to use because it works to get rid of free radicals produced in the skin from the sun. My favorite cleanser is Image: Ageless Cleanser. They also have a wonderful and very light Hydrating Vitamin C Serum. Facials or skin treatments tend to be focused on deep cleansing, Vitamin C’s, and Collagen production. If you stay dedicated to sun protection and stay out of direct sun, it’s ok to still do resurfacing treatments; but it’s not recommended to do heavy peels or laser before going out in the sun.

Winter months:

During the winter months most people complain of dryness. You still should have a minimum of a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, and SPF. My other favorite cleanser is Image: Max Cleanser. This contains plant stem cells assisting with collagen and cellular reproduction. The Max line also has a wonderful night-time moisturizer, Max Crème, also containing plant stem cells. During the months you won’t be visiting the beach or out in the sun quite as much, more aggressive treatments are recommended. There are too many treatments to list them all so here are a few of my favorite: Dermapen (Micro-needling), Jessner Peels, and Microdermabrasion.  

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By Mary Cutcher LMT, Esthetician, Bodywrapper

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