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Professional Collagen Induction Kits available to do "in-spa" Collagen Induction at home (Supervised)

Hyperpigmentation - How, why & what to do

 Figuring out what treatment is right for you can be so confusing. So many options, big or small investments, downtime (where your skin can be sensitive, red, peeling, or maybe you're physically unable to return to work right away), side effects, and some even have the possibility of side effects that can be worse than the condition you're wanting to treat. So the question is, How do you pick?

Here's where you get all the info you need to make an educated decision for you next service. Take this opportunity to read through (*taking notes can be very helpful), jot down any questions that may come up, then schedule your consultation. Premier Face and Bodywork will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding products, treatments, and cost. We pride ourselves on being customer service oriented and appreciate any feedback your willing to give or post online.

Chemical Peels:The type of peel does matter; different ones are better at achieving different results. Great way to even our pigmentation. Works by removing the excess pigment, which lightens dark spots, giving a more even skin tone.  Misconception: All peels leave your skin red and irritated; you'll experience peeling. As this is typically what people think it's far from the truth. Click here for more information on types of peels, results, coupling with other treatments, and much more. 

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