Premier Face and Bodywork

1209 Park Lake Street Orlando, Fl 32803 

Text/call 407.592.9422                        


​Premier now has reduced hours, limiting appointments.

Professional Collagen Induction Kits available to do "in-spa" Collagen Induction at home (Supervised)

Men's Facials, Massages, & more Spa services

First time visiting a spa? Not to worry. We have tons of men that come for spa treatments; facials, peels, massages, teeth whitening, and more. Most men have the misconception that spa services are only for women. If they only knew how relaxing it can be and what a comfortable environment we have, they wouldn't hesitate. Premier Face and Bodywork is gender-neural and even have men that provide services.. You'll find links below that will help put your mind at ease about your spa experience, information on services we've designed specifically for you and much more. 

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