What to do:

1.) Ask tons of questions.

Don't be shy. Ask any question you may have, at the time of scheduling, if you think of any the day before and during the treatment. Feel free to ask. Service providers tend to assume if you don't ask its probably because you already know what to do or how to do something.

2.) Arrive early: Approximately 10 minutes early.

You want to come early for your appointment but not so early you sit around getting bored. If it's your first time here you'll probably have a short intake form to fill out. You don't want to feel stressed and rush before you get a relaxing treatment. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

3.) Shave before a facial (not before a chemical peel).

When the service you're getting is a facial you want to have a freshly shaven face. It doesn't have to be the minute before arriving; anytime that day should be fine. However, if you're getting any type of chemical peel you'll want to shave the day before. *If this is your first time coming to Premier Face and Bodywork most likely your first facial treatment won't be a peel unless that is what you have requested specifically.

4.) Silence your cell phone.
Many people, men and women, don't think about it until they are in the middle of their service and everything is quiet then...their phone goes off. It not only disrupts your relaxing service but may disturb others. When needing to keep the phone because there is something you don't want to miss, simply put it on vibrate and keep it near you. Service providers won't mind. They'd prefer it over having it ring during your appointment.

What not to do:

1.) Don't be late.

Unfortunately life sometimes happens. We understand, but each provider has to stay on schedule. If you arrive late to an appointment the time will have to be taken out of your session; otherwise the next client's appointment will be delayed. 

2.) 24 hour cancellation policy.

Please let us know 24 hours before your appointment if you are unable to make it. There will be a $50 charge if you don't show for an appointment or don't give 24 hours notice. This is to ensure we give that time to someone else if you're unable to make it. Nights and weekends tend to book up fast and we often have a waitlist of people that want to schedule. 

3.) Don't worry.

Don't worry about a thing, this is your scheduled break. This is a treat but many of our services are "treatments" that you leave looking and feeling better. We pride ourselves on helping fix that problem you may have with your skin; or that lower back pain you've been experiencing. It's your time to relax.

Men's "What to do & not do" guide.

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