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Everyone wants beautiful younger looking skin. But how do you know what service is best for you or where you should make an appointment. There are so many places to choose from in Orlando. Should you choose a med-spa, a resort, or a small company in your neighborhood? The first few things you should consider is; what is your ultimate goal, are you looking for relaxation as well, and make sure you do your research on the person that will be working on your skin. This is all very important to consider when choosing an Aesthetician. 

First and foremost, what changes would you like to see in your skin? Anti-aging and hyperpigmentation are the two most common complaints I’ve heard in the past 16 years of practicing skin care. There are so many different treatments available now it may get confusing to know what to choose in order to achieve those results. Ultimately the skin care specialist should be able to recommend a treatment plan; however, going in educated is the first step.

Microdermabrasion is very popular in Orlando, Florida and is probably familiar to most people. This is a machine that manually resurfaces the skin with diamond crystals to remove the top layer of dead skin. It will help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles; but it is not suited for all skin types. People that have sensitive skin/rosacea, broken capillaries/redness, or thin skin should not have Microdermabrasion done.

 As chemical peels are still popular, make sure the Aesthetician is properly trained. The percentage of the peel is very important; the higher the percent the stronger the acid. However, the PH of the product is as important, if not more. The lower the PH the deeper it penetrates into the skin. Most Aestheticians work with a 3PH, unless they work under a doctor’s license. Also, ask what the recovery time is for the particular peel you choose. A 30% Glycolic with a 3PH will have little to no peeling (always a possibility of flakiness). A Jessner Peel is a blend of 3 acids; salicylic, resorcinol and lactic acid as its active ingredients. Expect to feel very tight and red for 24-48 hours, then peel like a snake shedding skin for approximately 4 days, and finally you’ll see brand new smooth skin. Total downtime is about 1 week.

Dermapen (Micro-needling) is my favorite treatment for anti aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. I find people get much better results with this treatment and there is very little down time. You begin by numbing the skin so you have no discomfort. Next apply a serum (customized depending of skin type). Then using a Micro-needling device the Aesthetician will work it on the skin in sections. I recommend following up with a mask to calm the skin and introduce more anti-aging products. While the mask is on I apply an ice stick over the mask. This reduces redness, tightens the channels that were just created, sealing in all of the wonderful ingredients that were applied. The reason this is one of my favorite treatments is because it works well with so many skin types; less possible complications. Because it stimulates collagen production and resurfaces the skin it’s an amazing treatment for people with thin skin that need tightening. Skin that is thick and have large pores can handle a more aggressive treatment. The pores will look like they have disappeared.

Choosing a service provider is very important. Randomly choosing someone to have work on your skin can be disappointing sometime; and occasionally it can turn out ok. Be sure the individual has a good reputation (find reviews online), they need to have proper training, and make sure they practice good sanitation. I’m happier
going to someone who is independent so I know I’m not just getting a cookie-cutter facial. A large spa or a chain will dictate to the Aesthetician what products to use and the order they are applied. I customize every service so two people could both come in for a Vitamin C Facial and not receive the exact same facial. The entire treatment will be Vitamin C based but the way to exfoliate, serums, or the mask may change depending on what their individual needs are.  A doctor’s office is safe, but I like the relaxation/massage portion of the facial and they usually don’t incorporate massage in their facials. I want to leave the treatment feeling completely relaxed and my skin looking amazing.

Orlando Microdermabrasion

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